Effective psychotherapy in Newcastle

At Macks Psychotherapy, you are provided a private and confidential service in a comfortable and informal environment. 

Helping to return you to a productive and satisfying life

Have you recently lost employment? Or is your work or relationship adding to everyday stress that you are not able to cope with? Individuals go through emotional stress on a regular basis and sometimes it becomes difficult to find an effective solution. At Macks Psychotherapy, we do our best to promote an ideal and relaxing space where you can express your difficulties or concerns in comfort. 

Psychotherapy can offer

  • A positive and creative outlook
  • New ways of seeing yourself
  • Self-acceptance and self-belief
  • Overcoming unhappiness and loss
  • Relief from anxiety and lack of self-confidence

Original and personally designed therapies

Our counsellor has over 15 years’ experience and is primarily concerned with emotional issues that bother them individually, within their families and social environment. Each case is diagnosed personally and an individual psychotherapy program is designed and structured for you specifically. Contact us in advance for appointments.

Psychotherapy can effectively help you move forward. Call Macks Psychotherapy in Newcastle on
0191 431 9958

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